How to choose a good affordable Tanzania safari company

What should I look for in a good safari tour provider? :

Choosing among Africa safari companies can be overwhelming because there are literally thousands of them in the market. How to make an informed, safe, and affordable choice? Selecting the right travel company is key to ensuring a successful safari because you’ll rely on the company and its staff to help you create an experience that meets your expectations and brings your dreams to life.

Quality : Ensuring that the safari operator you choose delivers the highest quality Tanzania travel experience is the most crucial part of the planning process! This becomes particularly important when choosing a budget tour operator as the aim is to cut costs without compromising on quality.


Referral : Most people opt for word-of-mouth recommendations from others. Some of the best advice you can get about a company is from someone who has been on a safari with them in the past.

Reviews :There are dozens of websites that list safari trip reviews and journals written by previous travelers. Learn from them. Once you have shortlisted Tanzania safari operators, do your due diligence to make sure they are reputable. Again, check online with various associations and other third party verification.

Contact the companies : When contacting them, ask the right questions. Find out how many other people will be on your trip. Make sure it’s clear what’s included and what’s not. Try to see the car before booking. Find out what their payment policies are. Get a clear explanation of their cancellation and refund policy, and find out exactly when payments need to be made.

Safari Guide ExperienceThe success of any safari undoubtedly depends on your safari guide. A fully trained guide especially in aspects such as wildlife behavior, geology and geography of locations will make a great difference. It would be also prudent to ask if the guide has any experience in first aid. A driver/guide with basic car maintenance experience would also be of great help if the vehicle has issues when you are on safari. If you can have a conversation with your guide before the safari it would be uttermost convenience and it would also help you to know if the person has a pleasant personality.

Local company or Overseas: Many Tanzania safari companies in North America have neither offices nor employees in the African continent, these only sub contract their own safaris to the local companies. After massive and careful deliberation, the traveler chooses a small tour company which is based in Africa like in Arusha Tanzania. This company visits, evaluates and also has firsthand knowledge of the national parks, camps as well as lodges. Here the local small company will pay attention to details, and also provide effective professional services to the travelers. The service quality here is so personalized and superior within the small companies than in the larger firms. More so, there are also many online reviews from the previous customers that convince the new explorers that this is the right choice of a Tanzania safari company


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